A blueprint from the IKEA kitchen planning software.

A 3-D rendering of the kitchen in our software program.

Our Approach

Below is a rough summary of how we approach renovation projects, albeit recognising every project is unique to each client.


 Free Initial meeting

We will meet with you to discuss your project wishes, ideas and budget.  


Project Proposal

If you wish to proceed with us, we will present you with layout, design ideas, creative advice, and suggestions for colours, fabrics and textiles. Depending on the type of project, we can also provide 3d drawings for you to visualise the end results.

Artisan Selection, Detailed Plan and Budget

Once project scope has been finalised and agreed, we will arrange meetings between you and local artisans, where necessary, to understand their firm costs, timescales and availability and to build a detailed plan with you. We have an extensive list of local artisans that have either been used by us or come highly recommended. We can act as liaison between you and the artisans or we can obtain the quotes and information on your behalf as well as develop your detailed project plan and costings.
Indicative budget and estimated timescales will also be prepared based on quotes from the artisans and builders selected.

Project Management - Monitoring of Artisan’s work, orders, shopping and project execution

At this stage you can either liaise directly with the builders and artisans and manage the project on your own or we can also offer full project management on your behalf. 
Should you choose for us to manage the project on your behalf, we will undertake to attend regular site meetings with the team of builders and artisans, and provide detailed updates, photos and videos to you in your absence. We will monitor the artisan’s work, place relevant orders and make purchases to finalise your project. You will retain full ownership of the project but our role will be to act as your local representative and advisor from start to finish in a bid to move the project forward and take the burden off you.

A mood board offers design inspiration for the 18th Century home.

From Mood Boards
to computers

We will take our design inspiration based on our conversations with you and your preferences.

Deborah works directly with a builder during her barn renovation.

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