We are a multi-lingual provider of renovation projects and interior and exterior design services. From assistance in assembling the ideal artisan team to project management and interior design - we are a one-stop-shop for those who need someone on the ground to manage their project and accompany them as they move forward to create their dream home.

How this evolved

In recent years the Corrèze has seen a boom in people moving into countryside homes : city dwellers wanting more space, people shifting / downsizing for a less hectic way of life, holiday homes, retirees, artists, foreign buyers, families moving to and within the region etc. Corrèze offers something for everyone: beautiful villages, lakes, surrounding forests, expansive views, old stone character houses, lively markets and the unforgettable Corrèzien hospitality and charm.

For buyers, often the beautiful homes which they find most attractive can sometimes come with a need for modernisation or a change in layout or decor to suit their lifestyle. For sellers, a sensitive makeover and declutter can really help their home stand out from the crowd and maximise their sales price.

This is where Atelier Corrèze comes in. The brainchild of Deborah Middleton, Atelier Corrèze is the response to a demand in the market. We understand the challenges of home improvement and the difficulty you can experience in finding the right people to do the work. Atelier Corrèze can alleviate your stress, provide innovative and creative design ideas, advise and give direction, and help you oversee your project through to successful completion. Atelier Corrèze will be your trusted partner throughout. 

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Changing the layout of an old farmhouse to open plan living and discovering hidden treasures underneath the plasterboard of the cantou (fireplace).
The removal of the dividing wall along the length of the house involved the insertion of an 8-metre-long steel beam which was installed by crane.  The far wall was knocked out to insert French doors letting in much needed light and orientating the house towards the view.
The area to the left of the front door will now become the new kitchen.
An exciting project ... watch this space!

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